HEIPI 3-in-1 Travel Tripod Review

HEIPI 3-in-1 travel tripod

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"It’s packed with more features than most travel tripods and still comes with a very lightweight build and a fairly small minimum size. 
If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a pro-level travel tripod, this is one option you should consider. "
"The tripod does everything an expensive travel tripod needs to do—and more."


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heipi 3-in-1 travel tripod review

"Like the removable sub-tripod and the three-pillar center column are the first of its kind in photography tripods like this."

"In terms of overall portability, the HEIPI is very lightweight and compact when folded down, and certainly holds up in this regard against some of the premium tripods for mirrorless cameras."

Heipi Travel Tripod Review: An Ultra-Portable Carbon Fiber Tripod

"I’m quite happy with my experience using Heipi’s travel tripod. Heipi hasn’t broken the laws of physics, but I think they’ve made a great set of smart design decisions. The Heipi travel tripod feels well-suited for today’s travel photographer using a compact DSLR or mirrorless rig."


HEIPI W28 Travel Tripod Review - by Camera Jabber

HEIPI 3-in-1 compact and lightweight travel tripod
"HEIPI is a travel tripod with slick-look carbon legs, a highly engineered ball head, and an innovative main and sub-tripod design. The HEIPI W28 is a travel tripod that innovates in all manner of ways. Firstly it’s small and compact, far smaller in bulk than many other travel tripods, which means that it neatly straps to a backpack or will equally tuck inside a day pack without too much trouble."
"The sub-tripod doubles as the centre column, but as the three legs slide into the canopy of the main tripod, the intersection is over a wider area than a standard column, providing greater rigidity when everything is tightened."


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HEIPI 3-in-1 compact and lightweight travel tripod

"The most striking with the tripod is the centre column which has in fact 3 pillar: you unscrew the centre column locking ring to adjust height. If you completely unscrew you can detach it and have a secondary tripod or reverse it to attach your camera upside down. The 3 pillar give an extra rigidity you don’t find on other thin tripod."


"HEIPI tripod is a truly multi-functional companion for photographers and videographers alike, featuring an awesome amount of durability, flexibility, and a unique integrated design."

"It still serves the purpose of a multifunctional travel tripod for photographers and bloggers. What I love about it is the integrated design combining the main and sub-tripods. The build quality is mighty impressive. It stood up to all our tests quite notably."


"It's light and super-compact, and its 3-in-1 tricks bring a level of versatility not seen in a tripod before. It's ideal for creatives who mix shooting with mirrorless cameras and smartphones and for everything from group shots to vlogs. "


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The Best Value Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod - By Matt Granger

“I think having three points of contact is actually more stable, so considering the size and weight I think the stability is absolutely as good as you could hope for.


PEAK DESIGN vs HEIPI - Which Travel Tripod is the Best? - By The Slanted Lens

"So the maximum weight compacity of these two tripods is very different. The HEIPI will handle 55.1 pounds, whereas the Peak Design will handle 20 pounds. That means HEIPI can handle more than twice as much camera weight than the Peak Design. "
"Heipi is just so much sturdy when you get into this. It's a much sturdier tripod. Its legs are much stronger and it's going to handle more weight."

Best Travel Tripod I Have Ever Used! Really!!! - By The Slanted Lens

" It is the best travel tripod I have ever used. Very compact. It has a center column that kind of blends itself into the build of the tripod. It's the right size to be able to drop in the pocket on the side of your backpack."

"Actually say this is a really cool design,  with the hyper tripod you have feature of both having the center column and also being able to get your camera close to the ground and that is very innovative."  

HEIPI W28 3-in-1 Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod Review | Beyond Peak Design? - By Dustin Abbott

"The unique kind of center column design gives you 3 points of reinforcement to strength rather than just one."


HEIPI 3 in 1 Lightweight Travel Tripod | The Perfect Tripod for me? - By Espen Helland

"The main difference of the HEIPI tripod over other tripods is the three-legged center column which can be taken off and used as a little tripod on its own another one."

This Heipi Travel Tripod Is a Little Frankenstein's Monster - By Brent Hall

"Why is this tripod a Frankenstein monster? Unscrew this ring and then slide the sub tripod up and we can lock this down, so once we do that, we have a super solid extended center column."


How to pick your next Landscape Photography tripod - By Attilio Ruffo

"I enjoy how compact and versatile this tripod is. Where the HEIPI tripod really shines. It is not only a tripod, but it is actually two." 

Compare the Heipi 3-in-1 Carbon Tripod with PD Carbon Tripod - By Planlt Photo

"It can be used in pretty much all the conditions  and then the series one tripod I use it when I have to travel and hike a long distance"  

The Best 2023 Travel Tripod? | HEIPI w/ GFX100s - By Mike Banom

"What's pretty cool is that once you take out the sub-tripod, the ball head is already attached, so you're pretty much ready to go."
"The sub tripod can be pulled out anytime to be used separately. I absolutely love this feature because I don't always need a fully fleshed out tripod."
"This travel tripod looks abosolutely gorgeous. The build quality and materials are very good. It's very compact and has a clean closed look."
"The unique design of the three-pillar center column not only makes the tripod very space-efficient and portable, but also highly improves the stability."