Kickstarter - The third batch of shipping is being processed!

HEIPI travel tripod shipping

【Your shipping status has been updated ! 📢】

First of all, we would like to apologise to those backers in the EU who are in the first batch(#1-800) and experiencing longer than expected waiting times. We have already noticed delays in shipments and have kept tracked the shipping statue since ever. We are listening carefully to your voice. Good news! The in-city deliveries in Europe(#1-800) have started. Please pay attention to your new parcel recently! Here's the detailed shipping status for those who want to learn what's been going on:

Feb 18    |   Due to congestion at the destination port, expected to be delayed until Feb 25

Feb 25   |   Due to congestion , expected to be delayed again until Feb 28

Feb 28   |   Cargo has arrived, expected to be discharged on Mar 3

Mar 3     |   Discharged, waiting for pickup

Mar 9     |   Customs clearance

Mar 14   |   Arrived in the warehouse in Germany, waiting for delivery.

Some of our backers are curious why there is no tracking information during the shipping. We take care of customs duty and VAT for backers in Europe. That is why you cannot see any tracking information until the parcel passes customs clearance and be transit to the local courier.



【#801-2000 have been shipped 】

For backers #801-2000, your tripods are on the way!🚢 We sent you a message containing your tracking number via Kickstarter. Please have a check.


【We are about to ship the remaining orders】

We have also launched the shipment process of all of the tripod left and are trying our best to get them shipped by the end of March. Please also be aware that you may not receive the tracking number until early April due to the process period.


📋 Note: We have checked all orders and shipping addresses. We have sent messages to backers who accidentally left out important information. Please check Kickstarter and reply to us or contact us at to make sure you get your HEIPI tripod on time. (If you do not receive such a message, it means your shipping information is all right so far.)