🔈Some Key Info You may need to Pay Attention to

🔈Some Key Info You may need to Pay Attention to

【Some Packages has already Arrived!】

We are glad to know that lots of Kickstarter backers in some regions of the second batch have already received the tripods and are giving us valuable feedback as well as positive comments. Thank you so much.


【More Packages are Arriving now!】

For backers in North America and Europe, boats have already arrived at the port, and the container for the US was inspected by US Customs, which caused a short delay, but you will receive the update in several days. 

For backers in Canada, the packages are transferred to the local carrier to complete the delivery. You can now be prepared to receive the package in the following days. 

And, for backers in Australia, there are several packages arrived but still waiting to be picked up at the post office or the store nearby. Please check your Kickstarter message to find our reminder.

Country/Region - Date the boat arrived at the port

United States - Mar 29 (under inspection in US Customs)

Australia - April 2 and earlier

Canada - April 4

Europe Countries - April 6


【Third Batch Shipment is almost Done!】

We are about to finish processing the shipment of all the orders left for this Kickstarter project, and we are sending the tracking number by Kickstarter message. If you didn’t receive the message yet, please give us a little more time. 


We want to apologize again to you for what happened in the past few months, such as the late delivery at the factory, blockage at the port, and detention of goods due to customs clearance, which finally led to a series of unexpected delays. We will continue to do our best to improve our services and increase communication with you, our best backers.

For any questions or suggestions about the products, please send us messages or contact us at support@heipivision.com. We are always here to listen to you. We hope you all enjoy our products!


Thank you all,