3-in-1 Travel Tripod

Compact & Light | Carbon Fiber | Fast Deployment

3-in-1 Travel Tripod

Various Modes | Reliable Stability |Phone-friendly

Enjoy Photography with Ease

The HEIPI mission is simple: to design and build photography products for photographers to shoot easily. We are here to facilitate your creativity by eliminating barriers on the field.

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What people think of 3-in-1 travel tripod?

I think having three points of contact is actually more stable, so considering the size and weight I think the stability is absolutely as good as you could hope for.

Matt Granger

Portrait photographer, Photography educator

It is the best travel tripod I have ever used.

Jay P. Morgan

Commercial Photographer, Film Director

Actually say this is a really cool design, with the hyper tripod you have feature of both having the center column and also being able to get your camera close to the ground and that is very innovative.

Mads Peter Iversen

Landscape Photographer

The Perfect Tripod for Me