01 Setup

02 Adjusting the Leg Angle
2.1 Adjusting the leg angle of the main tripod
2.2 Adjusting the leg angle of the sub tripod

04 Mounting the Camera on the Head

05 The Use of the Ball Head

5.1 Using the locking lever
5.2 Using the pan locking knob
5.3 Switching to the smooth panning mode

06 The Adjustment of Locking Lever

6.1 If the ball head cannot be locked

6.2 Attaching/detaching the Locking Lever of the Ball Head


07 Adjusting the Center Column

08 Removing the Center Column Fully Out of the Main Tripod

09 Inverting the Center Column

10 Mounting the Ball Head on the Main Tripod

11 The Use of the Spiked Rubber Feet

12 Built-in Smartphone Mount

13 Attaching Accessories 

14 Enforcing the Connection Between the Head and the Tripod

15 Adjust the leg tension of the main tripod

16 Installing and Align the Locking Ring

17 Case Storage Compartment for Kits