W28 Travel Tripod User Guide

01 Setup

02 Adjusting the Leg Angle

2.1 Adjusting the leg angle of the main tripod

2.2 Adjusting the leg angle of the sub tripod

03 Install the Quick Release Plate on Cameras

04 Mounting the Camera on the Head

05 The Use of the Ball Head

5.1 The Locking and Releasement of the Head

5.2 The Use of the Panoromic Pan

5.3 Switch between 2 Modes of the Pan

06 The Adjustment of Locking Lever

6.1 If the ball head cannot be locked

6.2 Attaching/detaching the Locking Lever of the Ball Head

07 Lift the Center Column

08 Detach the Center Column

09 Attach the Ball Head on the Main Tripod

10 The Use of Hiden Spiked Rubber Feet

11 The Use of the Built-in Phone Clamp

12 Attach Accessories

13 Enhance the Connection between the Ball Head and Tripod (lift backstop screws)

14 Adjust the Leg Tension of the Main Tripod

15 How to Quickly Align with the Screw Thread