MAR 18, 2022
HEIPI's International Brand Ambassador

We are so honored to annouce Jeffrey Wu as HEIPI's International Brand Ambassador.

FEB 01, 2023
European Patent

We are very pleased to share this news with you. After a long-time examination, we finally got the European patent!

KS Update

JAN 13, 2023
We start the first batch of shipping!

For Kickstarter backers, we will ship your products based on your backer number and are going to ship the first 800 orders (Backer No.1 to No. 800) this time.

FEB 20, 2023
The second batch of shipping is coming soon!

By the end of February, order No.801 to No.2000 will be shipped.


FEB 21, 2023
HEIPI 3-in-1 Travel Tripod Review

HEIPI 3-in-1 travel tripod has been one of the best travel tripods that strike the balance between lightweight and stability. We receive many honest and positive reviews to prove it.